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May 20, 2011
@ 10:07 pm

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"World renowned raw food chefs Juliano and Ariel have created a 100% organic raw vegan food outpost unlike any other. Our recently revamped menu is a virtual world tour of perfectly spiced America, Indian, Italian,Japanese, Mexican and Thai cuisine. Fresh, organic produce is delivered daily for the chefs to create sweet smoothies, savory appetizers, sumptuous salads, warm soups, sushi, entrees,  delicious desserts and herbal elixirs that will tantalize your palate." 

Jalapeno Poppers: Breaded Jalapenos, Cashew Cheese & Marinara sauce $7.50

Vegan Mylk Shakes: Choc/Strawberry Mix & Maca Mint Choc Chip $7.95ea.

Taco Salad: Greens, Avacado,Cashew Cheese, Sour Cream,Flax Chips & ground mushrooms  $14.95

Mach Nachos: Shredded Greens, Sourcream, Cashew Cheese, Flax Chips, Salsa $14.95

@PlanetRaw  @StomachLife


May 20, 2011
@ 8:07 pm

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Our Stylish Amigo Javier Laval of Android Homme is a thinking man and a Vegan. So why would we expect him to introduce us to a foodery other than a place like Planet Raw in Santa Monica

SL: Why Planet Raw?

JL: Raw is the ULTIMATE in healthy eating. A Raw lifestyle is known to be the best way to consume nutrients for a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

SL: Why the Macho Nacho dish? 

 JL: This is actually my first time having the Macho Nacho dish, I wanted to try something new for StomachLife.Com and Its amazing!!

SL: How important of a role does food play in your everyday Life?

JL: Food is the primary and quintessential piece to our existence, besides oxygen we need food and water. I decided a while ago that i was going to eat to live, not live to eat. Best decision in my life. “RE-PROGRAM NOW”

Javier created a futuristic brand called Android Homme which is a mid to high-end street luxury sneakers, accessories and clothing brand. We can expect the brand to expand its footwear to women in Fall 11’ and ship to more retailers. We can also expect a Android Homme flagship Los Angeles store in the near future!, can’t wait to see the design aesthetic and decor of the store space. Javier recently designed the tour woredrobe for Platinum recording Artist Usher’s OMG Tour. @JavierLaval @AndroidHomme @StomachLife

Thanks to Javier Laval for the good eats, Veganisms, Enlightenment, & my pairs of Android Homme’s


May 1, 2011
@ 9:42 pm

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RFD; Santa Monica, CA

RFD (Real Food Daily) is an organic vegan restaurant in Los Angeles all their food is made with fresh organic ingredients; it attracts not only your common vegetarian but celebrities, and other “sometimes” vegetarians who are simply looking for a good healthy meal!  There are two locations in California one is in Santa Monica and the other in West Hollywood.  

We stopped by for dinner at the Santa Monica location and after sitting in traffic we were pleased to have one of their hosts greet as at the door with a smile.  As we entered we automatically felt at home, their café vibe is not intimidating at all and their dessert displays stimulate your palette.  As they walked us to our seat it truly felt like a dinner table and the waitress greeted us making sure that we were comfortable, she even offered to turn off the air conditioning unit by us.  The hardest part about a vegetarian restaurant for us is the menu because we are very new to the vegan experience but as we grabbed the menu it did not take us more than 5minutes to quickly decide on what we wanted.  They have great monthly specials and an attractive starter menu.  After ordering Mj began to snap away, being that we are food bloggers, pictures are a must! Well, unlike other restaurants, RFD welcomed the creativity.  

When our food arrived, TV Dinner & the Not-Chos we couldn’t believe that there was no actual meat on our plate, the presentation was great, and it visually satisfied us meat eaters.   NOT-CHOS are a must have!!!!  The best part of the food was that we did not fall under the dreaded food coma, it was healthy and energizing.   Not only was the food great but the trend setting environment opens positive and interesting conversations at the dinner table.  Again, thank you RFD and our friend Melissa Hebeler for introducing us to some more great food. J



Apr 3, 2011
@ 1:43 am

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Cafe Gratitude: Los Angeles;  

This morning as we sat at their cool beverage bar and were reading over their menu, we couldn’t help but feel a little excited, being that we know little about organic ingredients, their smoothie names geared us to the perfect selection and couldn’t help but enjoy Matty and Jen at the bar yell out their unique menu names. Some of their smoothie names include, “I am renewed”, “I am rejuvenated”, “I am eternally blessed”  just to name a few.

As Matty yells, “Ella is Lusious” & “MJ you are cool” he hands us our selection of:

"I AM LUSCIOS" Young coconut milk, almond butter, date and vanilla bean smoothie + added Coffee (fresh from the thanksgiving coffee company)

"I AM COOL" Mint chocolate chip milkshake with Vitamineral green and raw cacao

It didn’t take us long to drink right through them.  The end result makes you feel fulfilled… and yes MJ did walk out feeling a little cooler than usual.  Thank you Ryland and Cary…….


Mar 24, 2011
@ 2:18 pm

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Café Gratitude, Los Angeles; After several locations in Northern Cali, The Cafe decided to open its doors to LA last month. Café Gratitude is a 100% organic vegan restaurant specializing in gourmet raw and cooked cuisines. Their gourmet dishes are made with organic produce from their very own farm.  Although we are not vegan the food is DELICIOUS! and has made us into beleivers…. Their selection of food is eclectic, their customers are trend setters and it is pouring with positive energy.  All meals are also served with a thought of the day, ours was “What are you grateful for?”  A perfect place to reflect, share, and unwind.  Thank you Cristina,…..


Mar 24, 2011
@ 2:06 pm

Cristina’s Selection, I AM WHOLE:

Sea Vegetables and kale, quinoa or local brown rice house-made kim chee and sprouts with tahini-garlic sauce and teriyaki almonds…

When asked why Cristina chose Cafe Gratitude she said:

"It is Gluten Free Raw + all organic, it’s healthy but it still taste so flavorful.  It just open a couple weeks ago and I’ve already been here 6 times!

Quinoa is her favorite green good for digestion, protein and good fuel especially for people that workout often.

Why is food one of the most imporant things to Cristina:  

"Oh God, Food is one of the most important things because it is my lively hood, I love food I have put good foods into my body so I can help my body perform at its best"