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May 2, 2011
@ 12:59 am

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Nirvana; Beverly Hills, CA

Happy Sunday @ Nirvana’s Happy Hour, “Bliss Hour”

One word, Karma Sutra! is the sexy vibe inside of the Nirvana Lounge in Beverly Hills.  The entrance alone is intriguing.  The decorative carved and rustic wooden door gives you the feeling that it will lead you to a secret location.  As you open the door you are welcomed by tasteful Karma Sutra art work, and the rest of the Lounge is very much like a small elegant Indian retreat.  Environment is everything to us because it sets the mood for your food experience.  But when the environment + $$ + food AND service is outstanding it is definitely something to share with the world.  It is extremely difficult for most restaurants to satisfy all that criteria.  Nirvana satisfies all this criteria and had first timers like ourselves, addicted to more. 

We were invited by our friend @Wilson’s Where to Guide to enjoy Nirvana’s, Bliss Hour, happy hour Sundays 5pm-11pm.   Nirvana happy hour menu is perfect for first timers if you have never tasted Indian Food, because it is just enough for you to experience the different tastes of India.  It is perfect for date nights, when you want to slightly impress a girl but not scare her away with a complicated menu.  And Lastly it is perfect for a Sunday get together, where you simply want to play catch up with the girls before your work week begins.  The seating is exceptional, unlike many happy hour spots that have such uncomfortable seating arrangements, like your only option is standing at the bar, Nirvana really offers an actual lounge experience.   Bliss hour is exactly what you get as you sit and relax on their white leathered beds and burgundy drapped canopies and enjoy some of their tasty drinks.  

We tasted their whole appetizer menu. Their Samosas were served with of course the must have, Green Chutney sauce, both minty and spicy to match all the other appetizers at our table.  Stuffed Mushrooms and the Lamb were one of Ella’s favorite.  Since she is new to the Indian experience, she does say that the chutney sauce was equivalent to what her salsa is to her tacos.  Now as for the drinks, we liked, ALL OF THEM, but there were some favorites. The Karma Sutra, Nirvana and Mango Mojito were delish!  The use of fresh fruit mixed in their drinks was key in preventing an overly syruped cocktail. 

Overall the Happy Hour Experience was excellent, the kind owner and staff were very attentive and welcoming. Special Thanks to Amber and Haute Living  for the special invitation.